At the heart of everything we do

At Oho, our values shape the DNA of our business, informing what we do and how we conduct ourselves in our relationships with clients, candidates and each other.

Socially intelligent

We communicate effectively and build meaningful relationships with people from all walks of life, no matter their background, skillset or seniority.


We’re endlessly curious. It’s critical that we continue to learn, so we’re not afraid to ask questions and gain a better understanding of everything we do.


Our drive to succeed helps us to overcome any challenge. We remain dedicated to our craft and are determined to be the best.


We’re relentlessly thorough. We approach every task methodically and don’t stop until it’s completed to the highest standard.


We’re aware of our limitations and are determined to work on them. No matter our skills or seniority, every team member knows there is always more to learn.

As a values-led business every month, we recognise and celebrate exceptional achievements in one or more of these areas with our "Living the Values" initiative.

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