The Emerging Technologies Which Will Impact The Future Marketplace

We are proud to operate in the IT and electronic engineering sphere, which is precisely why we are keen to keep abreast of new and emerging technologies. After all, the trends which are forecast to define our niche sector will determine how we move with the times to support our clients and candidates and their hiring requirements.


As part of Wikibrand’s Digital Periscope study, it ranked the 30 emerging technologies which will impact our marketplace, culture and society the most over the next decade (2018 to 2028). The results make for fascinating reading as we consider the exciting ways in which we can adapt, develop and adjust our methods of working. This is with a view to identifying the skill-sets and talent which will ensure that our leading innovators stay at the top of their game in the fast-paced digital sector.


Wikibrand’s list included five different criteria:


  1. Current and projected size (in terms of direct and indirect revenue)

  2. Future segment growth rate and scale of adoption

  3. Claimed perception of impact on the future (through Wikibrand surveys)

  4. Current chatter value and buzz (via Google and social media)

  5. Knock-on effects and interactions with other technologies and industries


The top 30 technologies (ranked in order)


  • #1 Artificial Intelligence — #AI /Machine Learning / Deep Learning
  • #2 Internet of Things — #IOT / #IIOT & Sensors & Wearables
  • #3 Mobile & Social Internet — Advancements, Social Networks/Media, Search, Messenging and Livestreams
  • #4 Blockchain — Cryptocurrencies, Distributed Ledger Systems, DAOs, DApps
  • #5 Big Data — Apps, Infrastructure & Predictive Analytics
  • #6 Automation — Information, Task, Process, Machine, Decision & Action
  • #7 Robots including Drones & Autonomous Vehicles — Consumer/Commercial/Industrial Robots and Robotics
  • #8 Immersive Media — #VR/ #AR/ #MR/ 360°
  • #9 Mobile Technologies & Advancements — infrastructure, networks, standards, services & devices
  • #10 Cloud Computing — Software-as-Service (SaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Servcie (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) & MESH Apps
  • #11 3D Printing — Additive Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping
  • #12 CX — Customer Journey, Experience, Personalization & Commerce Tools
  • #13 EnergyTech — Efficiency, Storage & Decentralized Grid
  • #14 Cybersecurity including Adaptive Security — Security, Intelligence Detection, Remediation & Adaptation
  • #15 Voice Assistants - Interfaces, Chatbots & Natural Language Processing
  • #16 Nanotechnology - Computing, Medicine, Machines and Smart Dust
  • #17 CollaborativeTech — Crowd, Sharing, Workplace & Open Source Platforms & Tools
  • #18 Health Tech — Advanced Genomics, Bionics & Health Care Tech.
  • #19 Human-Computer Interaction — Facial/Gesture Recognition, Biometrics, Gaze Tracking
  • #20 Geo-spatial Tech — GIS, GPS, Mapping & Remote Sensing, Scanning, Navigation
  • #21 Advanced Materials — Composites, Alloys, Polymers, Biomimicry, Nanomanufacturing
  • #22 New Touch Interfaces — Touch Screens, Haptics, 3D Touch, Paper, Feedback & Exoskeletons
  • #23 Wireless Power
  • #24 Clean Tech — Bio-/Enviro-Materials + Solutions, Sustainability, Treatment & Efficiency
  • #25 Quantum Computing Exascale Computing
  • #26 Smart Cities — Infrastructure & Transport
  • #27 Edge/Fog Computing
  • #28 Faster, Better Internet — Broadband including Fiber, 5G, Li-Fi , LPN and LoRa
  • #29 Proximity Tech — Beacons, RFID, Wi-Fi, Near-Field Communications & Geofencing
  • #30 New Screens — next evolution TVs, Digital Signage, OOH, MicroLEDS & Projections

We find it interesting to observe that AI tops the list. We believe there is a strong case to say that AI will not eliminate jobs entirely, but rather change the types of roles available. It will almost certainly result in an increased demand for highly skilled technical roles, particularly in the areas of big data, automation and machine learning (which all make the list), the driving forces behind R&D in AI.

For our part, we boast an extensive infrastructure of software intellectuals who are able to provide businesses with the very latest technical knowledge and expertise.

Current available roles with the best IT innovators include, Machine Learning Engineers, Data Scientists, Java Developers, C# Developers, Python Developers, Ruby Developers, C++ Developers, JavaScript Developers, Data Analysts, Hardware Engineers and Front End Developers, to name a few. 

This means that you can trust Oho Group to effortlessly find your ideal candidate or dream job.

Stay tuned to the Oho Group blog for all the latest insights into the world of specialist IT and electronic engineering recruitment.

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