Our client is a leading developer of software for the online gaming industry. Faced with growth and success, they found themselves in need of extra administrative support. Advertising their new role brought in plenty of CVs from interested candidates…but none of them were quite right. 

We already had an excellent working relationship in place for other roles. So although it was beyond our usual remit, they turned to Oho for help. By delving into the details, we discovered exactly what sort of person our client needed – looking past the black and white of the job description. We set out on a targeted mission to find a careful cultural fit, using niche job boards and tailored advertising.

Now, they are confident they have the right person in the job. Instead of opening out the role to thousands of candidates, we focused on communicating with the very best out there. With Oho’s stringent criteria, pre-screening and own interviews, they know we found the best candidate to support their ambitions.


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