Sitting in the heart of Cambridge academia, our client is in a prime geographical position to recruit top developers. They accept only the best, because as a company that builds software tools for developers themselves, nothing less will do

With a low attrition rate, only a handful of new recruits ever entered their doors. But an opportunity opened up for 15 new staff as our client underwent restructuring. Knowing that Oho is the quickest route into elite hires, they came to us.

Despite the rich pool of talent geographically surrounding our client, we didn’t let that limit our vision. We looked internationally, finding gems in Poland and Turkey who surpassed expectations and were snapped up by our client. This broader scope gave us a huge advantage. Within ten months we placed 12 of their new staff, with other vacancies filled through referrals.

With subsequent requests for specialist help, This software provider has placed their trust in Oho. Our strong results have proven time and again that it’s a correct decision.


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