Meet The Team: Tilly Catlin

5 mins

How did you end up in recruitment?

I have always been passionate about sports since I was very young. I represented GB at the European Championships and continued my sporting pursuits at university, that competitive spirit has always been a defining trait for me. Upon graduating, I noticed the parallels between these sporting attributes and the recruitment world. Joining the Embedded Team at Oho Group as a fresh graduate, I was immediately drawn to the clear opportunities for progression, supported by mentorship, robust learning programmes, and autonomy over my work. Over time, I've progressed to lead the Embedded Team and hold the position of Managing Consultant. During my time here at the Oho Group, I've had the privilege to train three individuals from trainee to Consultant.

Tell us about your career path so far at Oho?

I've worked for the Oho Group for four and a half years now, having joined just before Covid hit. Starting as a trainee during one of the market's lowest points was challenging, but the training and support provided by Oho enabled me to continually learn and develop. Despite the tough times, I persevered, and as the market began to recover post-lockdown, I was able to hit my goals and earned a promotion to Consultant. Within the next 11 months, I was promoted to Senior Consultant, and just six months after that, I was promoted to the position of Managing Consultant. Upon becoming a Managing Consultant, I also transitioned into the Management team, taking on the leadership of the Embedded Software/Hardware and Electronics desk. During this period, I've had the opportunity to train three trainees to Consultant and I'm currently supporting them in their journey towards Senior Consultant goals. We've established a solid client base in Cambridge and London, and we're now expanding our presence into Bristol, Surrey, and Oxfordshire.

What do you love most about what you do?

What I find most fulfilling about my role is the chance to make a meaningful impact on individuals, both in their professional and personal lives. Our approach extends beyond simply handling job application; we aim to offer comprehensive support and guidance throughout the entire job search process. From discussing career aspirations and goals to providing advice on the best paths and companies to pursue, we're dedicated to helping individuals in securing positions that resonate with their ambitions. Being part of a process that feels like genuine teamwork is incredibly fulfilling, knowing that we're contributing to positively changing someone's life and aiding them in getting closer to their dream roles.


What are you currently seeing in the market?

In the last year, the tech market, particularly focusing on Embedded Software/Hardware and Electronics, has consistently been on a continual upwards trajectory. The increasing need for connected devices, IoT solutions, and smart technologies across different sectors has ensured the resilience of the Embedded Software, Hardware, and Electronics market.

Notable trends within the Embedded Software/Hardware and Electronics sector include:

  • IoT Expansion
  • Robotics/UAVs
  • Semiconductor Development
  • Security/ Cyber Security
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Prototyping and R&D

What have you found are busy industry sectors and locations in your market?

Across the United Kingdom, several tech hubs have emerged over the years. The most prominent hubs for Embedded Software/Hardware and Electronics are in Cambridge and London. However, since Covid, Bristol has notably positioned itself as an up and coming tech hub. Both start-ups and established companies have set up offices there, leading to a surge in hiring demand compared to other regions in the UK.

Key hubs for Embedded Software/Hardware and Electronics include:

  • Cambridge/London
  • Bristol
  • Oxfordshire
  • Midlands – Manchester/Coventry

Currently, the busiest sectors in the market are Aviation/Aerospace, Robotics, MedTech, Defence/Space, and Automotive. Hiring demands within these sectors  are significantly higher than other industries.

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