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Testing and Quality Assurance (QA)

Testing and quality assurance forms a critical part of software development, with Software Testers, and QA (Quality Assurance) Testers, holding a pivotal role in ensuring software quality throughout its lifecycle, from creation to deployment. 

QA Testers’ responsibilities include completing both manual and automated tests to ensure that the software developed by programmers meets the necessary standards for functionality and reliability. These professionals analyse software and systems to minimise risks and prevent potential issues. They play a critical role in ensuring that applications and programmes are polished and ready for release, whether through manual testing or the creation of automated test scripts to achieve the same objective. Following rigorous testing, testers generate detailed reports outlining refinements and diagnosing initial build problems, serving as essential guidance for developers during the refinement phase. Job titles within this domain may also include Test Analyst.

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What does a QA tester do?

The primary aim of QA Testers is to ensure that apps or programs function according to their intended design,  beyond mere gaming. They establish and implement testing systems to meet specific standards for each software piece, increasingly utilising automation through script writing.QA Testers seek out bugs that could potentially crash a program or cause significant impact to a user’s experience. As the initial audience for software, their feedback on usability is essential to developing the software. Beyond technical checks, they also check for spelling errors, mistranslations, copyright, and cultural sensitivity issues. In larger projects, teams of QA Testers might work on distinct sections. Once testing is complete, feedback to designers and developers is crucial, as their findings significantly influences the final build of the software.

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