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C is one of the foundational programming languages, widely used across industries and by companies globally.

C is prevalent in systems programming, embedded systems, operating systems, and high-performance computing due to its efficiency and versatility. It remains a sought-after language among developers for its robustness and low-level programming capabilities, making it an ideal choice for projects requiring direct hardware interaction.

At the Oho Group, we specialise in addressing all aspects related to C development, catering to the needs of Software Engineers, Embedded Systems Engineers, System Programmers, and Technical Leads. The increasing demand for C professionals across various domains is palpable, showcasing its enduring relevance in diverse technological landscapes. Explore our available positions and connect with our consultants for personalised guidance to propel your career objectives.

What does a C Programmer do?

C Programmers typically design, develop, testing, implement, and code  solutions using C programming language across platforms like Unix, SQL, and .NET.  They review, analyse, and assess program functionalities, ensuring optimal performance and adherence to specifications. Additionally, they play a pivotal role in crafting and actualising designs and specifications for C-based applications, contributing significantly to the robustness and efficacy of software solutions within the C ecosystem.

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