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If you are wanting to hire the best data science and quantitative research geniuses or are looking for the next career move, we can help.

From small start-up and scale up companies, especially within Machine Learning, Robotics and AI, through to global giants, we partner data scientists with unique problem-solving ability into complex roles.

At Oho Group, we find that the fintech and high growth start-ups we work with are looking for individuals with an attitudeof wanting to achieve the impossible.  So whilst the Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial graduate will always be of interest, so are those who have won Maths and Physics Olympiads on a national and international stage and even the entrepreneurs that have looked to create novel applications.

The majority of Data Scientists we place are highly academic with PhDs from the best universities around the world, the ability to apply this highly academic practice in a commercial environment is essential.  Building ambitious and innovative teams with best Data Science practices in a comparatively new domain is one of our specialities. 

Our mandates have ranged from finding a developer who will analyse and understand data from the stock exchange via a Machine Learning platform, to building a fintech Data Science team with a range of skills and best practices to be one of the most forward-thinking teams within the industry.

Much of our work lies in financial services, where we undertake a large number of assignments focusing on Machine Learning, AI, Cloud and AWS.  Alongside core banking experience, we tend to place people with a PhD and experience in quantitative trading houses. We are constantly instructed by multinationals to source Python data scientists, financial reference data managers, Machine Learning engineers, database analysts and PostgreSQL experienced individuals.

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About Oho.

We don’t just push people up the career ladder, we find candidates genuinely fulfilling roles.

Candidate Testimonials

The success of the Oho Group is built around the exceptional candidates with which we work. We not only see the value of placing them in great roles but also in the development of longer-lasting professional relationships. Below are a few comments that our candidates have to say about us:

Rob - Lead Software Engineer

In the last few months, I worked with multiple recruiters for finding work in the London area. Patrick is one of the recruiters I really liked to work with. He takes the skills of being a recruiter to a higher level.

After the initial interview, he was clear on what to expect and what he could do for me. Over the past few weeks, he proved he was able to keep his promise and even took extra steps to show more than I initially expected. For each opportunity, he was able to tell a lot of detail about the opportunity itself and the company. Just before each interview, he called to know how it is going and if I had any last minute questions and would always follow up after the interviews.

I would recommend him to any person who is looking for an IT related job in the area of London and wouldn't hesitate to contact him again in the future.


Jacek - Python Developer

I had the pleasure working with George recently and I have to say the experience has been very positive. He's one of the very few agents who actually care about and listen to the potential candidates. I was especially impressed with how quickly George responded to my queries and simply dealt with them in a professional way. If you ever get a chance to work with him, do.

Christopher - UX and Usability Consultant

I dealt with Helena extensively during a recent interview process for a significant UX role. She was extremely proactive and responsive acting as the intermediary between the company and myself and kept both parties informed of progress in a highly efficient and timely manner.

I would recommend both Helena and Oho to anyone; as a recruitment consultant and agency they are head and shoulders above the competition and their approach is unlike anything I have experienced before.

Sumeyra - .Net Developer

Patrick is the best recruiter that I have ever met.

He is supportive, responsible, positive, helpful, trustworthy, sympathetic and friendly. He encourages and assists you to be more confident in interviews.

He knows the expectation of the companies and candidates, yet the result is win/win for both sides. He cares for his clients individually and provides effective solutions to their questions and doubts; thus you feel safe and secure during this stressful process.

He is not just a great recruiter, but he also cares about the well-being and happiness of his clients. He supports them as much as he can throughout the process. He always tries his best to help you for any subject. To be frank, he made my relocation process smoother. Although most of the problems I confronted with weren't his responsibility, he dealt with them like his problems. I might not have completed this process if he didn't help me. Thank you, Patrick!


Lindsey - Major Incident Manager (Contractor)

George, you've been a consummate professional throughout my current contract tenure. Many thanks for your excellent support, informative engagement and responding with nothing but professionalism. My transition into contracting has been nothing short of seamless, most certainly due to your influence. Thanks again!


Mark - Ruby on Rails & Elm Developer

Xenye is a brilliant agent. I had spoken to multiple agents before Xenye but their drive to complete a deal had put me off. When speaking to Xenye for the second time, after missing multiple phone calls and communicating via email, I decided that she was the person I wanted representing me in my job searches.

Let me solidify in your mind that I was a complete pain to deal with during the selection process, I was busy with teaching, working and looking after my family. I constantly missed pre-arranged phone calls, made demands outside of the advertised job and Xenye remained completely professional and managed my negotiations brilliantly to come to a good compromise between my desire and my new employer's ability to fulfil them.

I am extremely impressed with her ability to interface with her clients and the potential employees in her pool in a fair manner that benefits both parties, and not just think about the company she's representing. I cannot recommend her services highly enough.

Cambridge Graduate

After finding my CV online, Ibtehaal matched me with an ideal job, I am a newcomer to the Software job market, and Ibtehaal was able to connect me immediately to a company relevant to my strengths, willing to support newcomers, and close to my location. Ibtehaal was in contact before and after every step of the process and was professional and supportive throughout.

I would definitely recommend the Oho Group to friends and colleagues. They went above and beyond and were by far the best recruitment agency that had contacted me.


Anastasia - Junior Front End Web Designer

Xenye is by far the best recruitment consultant I have ever dealt with. Thorough, efficient, gracious, professional and helpful, this is how recruiting should be done. Xenye went an extra mile to send on helpful tips for an upcoming interview and information about the company where the interview was held. 

I found it really easy to talk to her and she clearly understood the type of roles that I was looking for. I am really impressed by her friendly and dedicated approach.

Vysakh – Engineer

I had the pleasure of working with George for the past month while I was looking for a new career opportunity. George was very helpful and dedicated to finding only relevant opportunities which were tailored to my skills and requirements. He had a very friendly approach and I appreciated the fact that he was extremely reliable with his follow-ups and responses to emails.

I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a new job or their next career transition.

Ivan - Technical Author placed at NCR

I would quite honestly say that Patrick was perhaps the first headhunter that I had come across who was able to build an excellent relationship of mutual trust and respect right from the start and without fault so far. At each stage of the process, Patrick always provided the full pack of information upfront and he walked that extra mile to come up with quick and accurate answers to my bagful of questions. He managed to make a very tough and lengthy recruitment process smooth and successful, even though I had to overcome quite a few unexpected personal and professional complications along the way. Patrick has always been very supportive and helpful with all matters - professional and personal - and it's been a real pleasure to collaborate with him towards a very promising and professional future on my side. Patrick also proved very technical and knowledgeable in the IT domain and very well prepared for the varied challenge that a high profile IT job application could bring along.

In addition, Patrick is an excellent bloke with a great sense of humour. He's very intelligent, open and easy going and I'm afraid I already owe him a couple of pints!

I'd strongly recommend Patrick's talent to any employer who values the best of the best.


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