Emerging from a research group at the University of Cambridge, this cyber security firm has grown exponentially in just a few years. It uses machine learning and AI to defend businesses, even helping contain the major ransomware attack on the NHS. 

When there’s this much at stake, there can be no compromise on hiring. The human intelligence behind the artificial intelligence is key. That’s why this award-winning cyber security start-up has partnered with Oho since it began.

From an initial contract to find junior consultants, Oho has helped our client as they experienced 500% year-on-year growth. We place a very high proportion of new consultants in their London office and have been recommended internally to take on new hiring responsibilities in support and development.

We’ve grown close working relationships with senior managers at the cyber security firm so that we’re ready when they need us. We share a culture of innovation, ambition and learning. And just as their defence technologies grow and adapt, so does our understanding of their company. 


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