How to Come Out on Top in the Fight for Tech Talent

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Encouraging job applications in today’s competitive labour environments is challenging enough. 

The average global time-to-fill for technology roles sits at 44 days (Source: CNBC), and that number is only going to keep rising as the industry’s talent shortage continues to grow.

However, in 2022, technology firms aren’t just struggling to attract talent… they’re struggling to convert them. Why? 



(Source: PR Newswire)


The reality of technology’s hiring climates

When job seekers are looking for their next big opportunity, they’ll start to browse their options on LinkedIn and Indeed and then send their resume out “en masse”. 

As a result, most job advertisements receive an average of 118 applicants (Source: Zippia), of which just a few will have the right experience and qualifications.

For such candidates, replies will start filtering in within days, with businesses across the world extending invitations to them about attending a job interview or advancing their application process.

That person will hurriedly accept the first one, feeling excited about the positive response. 

Then, they’ll look at the second, third, fourth… and realise that they can’t possibly be in ten places at once. 

So, they head to Google to do some research. Before getting further along the recruitment process, candidates:

  • Read reviews from your previous and current staff members
  • Look at your employer value proposition (EVP)
  • Investigate the work you do
  • Measure your sustainability efforts
  • Assess the job position and responsibilities you’ve listed
  • Compare average salaries and benefits against your offer


Slowly, they start to narrow down their options. Some businesses (like yours) might get dismissed before they’ve even had a chance.

How frustrating.

Not only have you already faced difficulty publishing your job advertisements in places where they’ll actually get seen (and paid for the pleasure of doing so), but becoming someone’s “second option” can hurt.

It happens more than technology firms would like to admit. 

You’re a great employer and your staff members are happy… so why aren’t your recruitment efforts converting?



(Source: IT Support Guys)

The challenges of successful recruitment

There are a few reasons why applicants might not accept - or entirely ignore - your offer for an interview, trial shift, or employment. 

Sadly, most of them are quite common across the technology landscape (whilst admittedly, not on purpose). 



  1. You aren’t delivering exceptional candidate experiences

  2. You don’t have a good online reputation

  3. Your job advertisement isn’t detailed or transparent enough

  4. A candidate doesn’t foresee a progressive career with you.


Each of these can be a difficult barrier to overcome. 

After all, you’ve already blown most of your recruitment budget on simply generating the applications in the first place, and spent days reviewing resumes and extending offers… Now, there’s somehow still more work to do.

Thankfully, a recruitment agency can help.


How to come out on top in the fight for tech talent

From the very beginning of your recruitment journey, it makes sense to have an expert, specialist partner by your side. They’ll have:


  • an extensive network with candidates in your industry
  • a strong reputation, which can boost your candidate conversion rates
  • the in-depth knowledge required to select the best person for the job
  • an ability to write clear, comprehensive job descriptions
  • advice about how to approach candidates and what offer should be extended


Ultimately, they’ll be able to fill the gaps where your company is struggling, dedicating time and attention to managing candidate experiences, answering questions, and, in some cases, helping you transform your employer brand. 

By being careful about who you decide to work with, you can select a recruitment agency that you’ll be able to trust wholly and completely to align themselves with your mission and make it come true. 

Your success becomes theirs.


Factors to consider when choosing recruitment agencies

So, how do you recognise which recruitment agency in your sector has the most potential for providing the solution you need? 

Let’s take a look.

Factor 1. Experience

It makes sense that a recruitment agency that’s been around for more than a few years is going to be one that’s thrived from delivering on its promises. Like with any service-based business, their ability to perform dictates their business survivability.

Factor 2. Specialism

What’s more? If you choose a specialist firm that focuses only on recruitment across the technology arena, then you can be confident they’ll have the knowledge required to make accurate hiring decisions.

Factor 3. Presence

When it’s time to fill a position, you want to be sure that your agency partner has good connections across the industry, so they can attract passive and active candidates. Look at their profile on LinkedIn and how active they are on their website to decide whether they’ll have the pool of talent resources you’d like to tap into.

Factor 4. Values

Much like an employee needs to share goals with their employer in order to enjoy their job, recruitment agencies and their clients should have shared values. For example, at OHO, our main focus is driving innovation and technology growth. What’s yours?

Factor 5. Evidence

Testimonials and reviews can help you select one recruitment agency over another, and reviewing social proof is critical when you’re deciding who to work with. Look at reviews from candidates as well as employers, and make sure that your partner always delivers the highest-quality service.


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