The 10 Best Christmas Gadgets for 2022

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Tired of getting everyone the same old gifts again year after year? Want to throw some innovation into your Christmas shopping? Or have you just left it a day or two too late this year and need some last-minute inspiration? We’ve got you covered with this run-down of our ten favourite tech gadgets for gifting this Christmas. To suit all budgets, from Secret Santa to “rein it in, dear,” we’re arranged our suggestions in ascending price order.


1. The World’s Smallest Voice Changer


Need a tecchie gift that comes in under your £10 Secret Santa limit? This 7cm megaphone fits the bill and, fingers crossed, will get the Christmas cheer going after the cracker jokes have been exhausted (it may even enhance them).


With four different voices included, the mini megaphone provides amplification and distortion. In that sense, it’s like your drunk uncle weighing in on the after-dinner debate.


Price: £9.95 at Wicked Uncle


2. Rocketbook Digital Notebook


Given how often we’re transcribing notes from client visits onto our desktops later on, this for us is pure genius. Rocketbook enables hand-written notes to be scanned and organised in the cloud via a free app. The notebooks are fully reusable, with a special ink pen and cloth included that, together, enable the physical pages to be wiped clean once notes have been uploaded and organised.


There is a range of products that should delight anyone (from recruitment consultants to journalists), but this basic version comes in at a price point that makes it a perfect budget gift.


Price: from £15.99 on Amazon


Or check out this upmarket version from Moleskine


3. PhoneSoap Basic UV Sanitizer


The average phone screen is covered in more bacteria than a toilet seat. Do we really want to be carrying all those germs around in our pockets when we’re seeing elderly relatives over the holidays?


The PhoneSoap Basic UV Sanitizer has the answer. This nifty little device uses powerful UV-C bulbs to sterilise our smartphones, making it the perfect gift for the hygiene-conscious tecchie in your life.


Price: £25.34 on Amazon


4. Fender Mustang Micro


We’d have loved to have included this in our music tech post if it had been made by a start-up, but this gadget from guitar giant Fender will make an ideal gift for any guitarist - especially an annoying sibling who likes to crank it up to eleven.


This mini-amp plugs directly into an electric guitar and then plays through headphones. It contains 12 amp models and 12 effect combinations, and enables recording directly onto a PC.


Price: £82.99 on Amazon


5. Sony Linkbuds


If you know someone who needs a new set of earbuds this Christmas, these Sony Linkbuds are packed with innovative features. 


The hole is deliberate, and enables greater awareness of surroundings when in use. Other high-tech features include volume which automatically adjusts to your surroundings, and touch-controls that work by tapping your ear. Very sci-fi.


Price: £109 from Sony


6. Furbo Dog Camera


There are plenty of dog cameras out there - Tapo have some great options at lower price ranges. However, if you need a pedigree present for an obsessive pupper parent, the Furbo Dog Camera is a top pick.


Besides standard features like 360° live streaming and two way audio, Furbo offers treat-tossing capabilities and an add-on AI-powered dog nanny that, for an additional £6.99 per month, will provide a daily “highlights reel” of dog activity. Reckon there’s a paws button?


Price: from £139 at Furbo


7. Ember Mug²


Everyone has that family member who is constantly letting their tea go cold. That person in your life needs the Ember Mug². 


This next generation of heated mug not only allows forgotten beverages to be reheated. From your smartphone, you can set a custom drinking temperature, so your drink is never too hot, or too cold.


And look, if you want to use yours for mulled wine, your secret’s safe with us!


Price: £149.95 from Ember


Check out their travel mug too!


8. Aerogarden Bounty


The perfect gift for a green-fingered techie, or a space-limited foodie. This hi-tech herb garden allows plants to be grown indoors, with no soil needed. Powered by water and LED lights, give the gift of greenery this Christmas.


Price: £285.86 on Amazon


9. DJI Mini 3 Pro


This compact, lightweight drone weighs in at just 249g. It brings advanced safety features like tri-directional obstacle sensing, and with a flight time of 34 minutes and 4K HDR video, it is a top-bracket but top notch gift for anyone who likes to take phenomenal aerial shots.


Price: £709 from DJI


10. Meta Quest Pro


The next generation in VR headsets from Meta. Featuring higher resolution graphics than any of its predecessors and incredibly sophisticated hand-held control sensors, this headset is built for collaboration in the metaverse. Some day, we’ll probably all have one. For now, this is a big-ticket item for a big-budget Christmas.


Price: from £1,499.99 at Meta



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