The Importance Of Celebrating Small Wins At Work

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It is natural for people to sometimes feel unrewarded or unmotivated about their work. This is precisely why it is just as important to celebrate the small wins as it is to recognise major achievements. Marking everyday successes is vital for tracking individual and team development, boosting morale and productivity and working towards larger goals.


In fact, a study by work analytics firm Gallup revealed that just 22 per cent of workers strongly agree that their performance is managed in a way which motivates them. Further research by Harvard Business Review around the power of small wins showed that recording progress enhances motivation and promotes self-confidence, all of which can pave the way for future successes.


And a recent white paper commissioned by a Fortune 100 Best Company to Work For investigated the top motivators for great employee performance. Respondents were asked, "what is the most important thing that your manager or company currently does that would cause you to produce great work?" Overall, 37 per cent of respondents stated that more personal recognition would encourage them to produce better work more often. While other themes, such as autonomy and inspiration were mentioned, recognition was the most dominant factor.


Most companies will invariably have an annual review framework in place but this can result in long periods of time during which employees are not recognised for the work that they do. Guiding principles to keep in mind when celebrating the small wins include recognising people for their specific achievements in a time frame that reflects them, rather than months afterwards. 


Also consider rewards beyond financial and bonuses, such as tickets to events, gift cards or even small trophies that can be easily displayed. Keep in mind that none of these things need to be a massive investment of time or resources. Small, handwritten notes, a simple thank you during a group meeting or posts on a company’s social media channels can go a long way towards making employees feel good about themselves.


Try to link these achievements with your business’s overarching mission statement, core values and strategic plan where possible. This connection of your workers to your long-term goals will help them to feel included and part of the bigger picture.


Showering your employees with recognition is by large a low-cost strategy that produces big results. According to a study published by Fast Company magazine, happier employees are on average 12 per cent more productive than their stressed out counterparts. In addition, a satisfied employee will be more loyal, allowing you to build a company culture that can both attract and retain the best talent around.


At Oho, we offer our staff the following staff incentives:




We run both monthly and quarterly individual performance targets which will be rewarded with cash bonuses and all paid for holidays abroad. The latest destination we opted for was the bright lights of Las Vegas.

When promotion targets are hit, we arrange for our workers to go for a celebration dinner at a high-end restaurant, a recent example being Michelin Star award-winning Hakkasan.

We also celebrate the small wins, hitting weekly targets results in an early afternoon finish on Friday and amazon vouchers.




We host monthly companywide competitions that include adrenaline-fuelled experiences such as white water rafting, VR simulators and escape rooms.

Meeting quarterly targets can range from Lunch Clubs right through to a holiday, depending on the level of performance achieved. Our Teams have recently been off to Majorca, Rome, Lanzarote, Porto and Bucharest.




Each month we recognise those who have gone the extra mile that month by nominating our colleagues for our ‘Living the Values’ prize. The winners get half the day off and are being treated to a Oho Lunch Club. 

Last but not least, meeting the overall company billings target means everyone in the company goes on a holiday together! 


We believe that taking these steps to promote the success of our employees results in an engaged and enthusiastic workforce and, ultimately, a more profitable way of doing business.


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