The Ten Most Innovative Fitness Gadgets for 2023

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These ten gadgets are our pick of the bunch for fitness tech this January!

VAHA S Fitness Mirror 

For the same monthly price as a gym membership, you could bring the gym to you. This 32 inch Full HD fitness mirror doesn’t just look sleek and stylish; it also offers access to over a hundred live and on-demand classes every month.

The £1,295 price tag is steep, but financing options are available from £36 per month. The classes cost extra, but even so, this is a fantastic way to access a wide range of workout classes and feel like you’re at the gym, without leaving your own home.


Therabody Wave Roller  

This hi-tech take on the foam roller features vibration therapy technology, and integrates with the Terabody app to make your recovery routines personalised and effective. 

According to, vibrating foam rollers offer more effective, targeted muscle therapy, and also help improve circulation. They can tackle knots faster overall, and adjustable speed settings mean you can target muscle relaxation or breaking up muscle adhesion.

Normally £125, the product is currently on sale at the Terabody website at £60-65.


Amazfit Band 7

At £40.99 on Amazon, this is one of the best-value fitness tech wearables available. The Amazfit smart watch comes with 18 days’ battery life, and monitors all kinds of vitals including heart rate, blood-oxygen levels, stress levels, sleep quality and daytime naps. It automatically recognises four forms of exercise (walking, running, elliptical (riding or cycling) and rowing, and can provide data on 120 others. Waterproof to 50m, this includes swimming.



Want the health tracking benefits of a smart watch without having to be one of those people who wears a smartwatch? Oura is a discreet, stylish ring which can track a range of metrics, including steps, heart rate and recovery time. It is also a sophisticated sleep tracker, and the ring design makes it a more comfortable wearable to use overnight than a watch. 

Data is fed to the app, which then provides a daily Readiness Score; “a holistic picture of your health using over 20 biometric signals.


Garmin Tacx NEO Bike Smart Trainer

This isn’t a cheap option. It costs 2,299.99, and that doesn’t include the display tablet or, indeed, pedals (these need to be bought separately, although any widely-sold pedals should be compatible). 

However, it promises the most realistic cycling experience of any indoor bike, as well as full compatibility with a range of training apps. It even mimics the feel of tarmac or cobblestones as you cycle, for a fully immersive home cycle.


Withings Body+ Smart Bathroom Scale

Fitness isn’t just about losing weight; true, healthy improvements involve a range of different attributes, including body fat, muscle mass, and total body water. This innovative bathroom scale measures all of these and provides a comprehensive overview of your body’s total condition, enabling you to see your true progress in fine, comprehensive detail.


Peloton Row

Peloton may have had a tough couple of years, but their product range is expanding. This smart rowing machine looks set to combine Peloton’s home workout classes with real-time form monitoring, to give users a perfect rowing workout.

Currently, Peloton Row is unavailable in the UK. However, certification is pending according to CEO Barry McCarthy. Readers in the US can already get set in and start rowing.


Core Meditation Trainer

Working out isn’t just for the body; the New Year is also a great time to take steps to improve out mental wellbeing, and the Core Meditation Trainer is one of the most innovative meditation aids available.

Combining audio soundscapes with vibrations in the hand-held device, the meditation trainer promises a fully immersive meditation experience. Via the companion app, it also details the impact your session had on your nervous system. Zen perfection.


Gymera Smart Home Fitness System

As far as home gym systems go, this is one of the most comprehensive and innovative out there. Up to 220 lbs (almost exactly 100 kg) resistance can be digitally added to an adjustable selection of arms, pulleys and attachments to give you a comprehensive range of strength, endurance and flexibility exercises. 

Until 27th January, there is also a Kickstarter project (which, at time of writing, had raised $247,000 more than its initial goal), contributors to which can buy the product at a reduced price.


Ozmo smart bottle

Being serious about your fitness also means being serious about hydration. That which is measured improves, and this hi-tech bottle from Ozmo enables you to track your hydration with precision. It automatically detects water or coffee, and other drinks can be identified manually. Together with the Ozmo app, it offers regular vibrating alerts throughout the day in order for you to meet your hydration goals.

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