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Cyber Security Analyst

A Cyber Security Analyst is primarily responsible for protecting a company’s network and systems from cyber attacks. This involves researching upcoming IT trends, creating contingency plans and reviewing any suspicious activities. A Cyber Security Analyst monitors and reviews suspicious activities within the a business’ network. In the event of of a cyber attack they quickly report and contain the incident to minimise potential damage to a company. A key aspect to their role in educating other member of the organisation on best practices and security measures to ensure a culture of good cyber security throughout a company.

Cyber threats are a constantly evolving threat. To identify potential vulnerabilities, they often perform simulated security attacks, strategically launching the organisation's defences against these threats. This approach allows them to locate weak points in the system and develop a company’s cybersecurity resilience. Hackers are constantly using new strategies and tools and therefore, cyber security analysts also need to stay informed about various new developments in digital weapons. This commitment to continuous learning and adaptation ensures that Cyber Security Analysts are always well-equipped to face the evolving challenges posed by cyber attacks, and therefore ensuring an organisation’s overall cyber security structure.

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