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JavaScript is an advanced, interpreted programming language primarily used to develop web pages to provide interactive functions. It is one of the key technologies of the World Wide Web, along with HTML and CSS. JavaScript enables interactive web development by allowing the creation and control of dynamic content like animated graphics, photo slideshows, and form validation.

What is a JavaScript Developer?

A JavaScript Developer is a skilled professional specialising in using the JavaScript programming language to create interactive and dynamic elements on websites and web applications. They adeptly write JavaScript code, manipulate the Document Object Model (DOM), and utilise various frameworks and libraries to craft responsive, engaging, and efficient web solutions, contributing significantly to the functionality and interactivity of modern web experiences. Additionally, JavaScript Developers are responsible for implementing the front-end logic that defines the behaviour of visual elements of a web application before connecting this with the services on the back-end. Often supported by back-end web developers, these professionals collaborate closely with other front-end web developers who specialise in markup and styling, ensuring seamless integration between front-end and back-end components for a cohesive user experience.

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