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DSP Engineer's (digital signal processing engineer) are focused on designing, developing, implementing, and optimising digital signal processing algorithms and systems.  They work with digital signals, which are representations of physical quantities, and manipulate these signals using various mathematical and computational techniques to extract information, enhance quality, filter noise, compress data, and perform various other signal-related operations. 

DSP Engineers are often involved in fields such as telecommunications, audio and video processing, image processing, radar systems, medical imaging, and more. They typically have an expert understanding of mathematics, algorithms, programming languages (including C, C++ and Matlab), and hardware implementations to work on complex signal processing algorithms and translate them into practical applications.

Their responsibilities may include designing algorithms, programming digital signal processors or other hardware platforms, testing and debugging systems, optimising performance, and ensuring that signal processing systems meet specific requirements and standards. They play a crucial role in developing and implementing the technology that enables digital devices and systems to interpret, analyse, and manipulate signals for various applications in our modern technological landscape.

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